TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS focuses on its employees carrying out their work in complete involvement in the company’s activities and to fulfil the objectives set by the organisation. Commitment to product quality (guarantee of satisfaction)

Work quality

Through the rapid detection of faults and taking the necessary measures to reduce the consequences and avoid their repetition, as well as establishing actions and programmes aimed at preventing nonconformities and incidents/accidents that affect the environment.

Establishing beneficial relations with our supplies

In addition, the Quality and Environment Policy implemented at TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS ensures the selection of the most appropriate suppliers at all times, setting up relations that are as beneficial as possible for the provision of services with the required quality and taking into account the prevention of pollution and compliance with environmental standards, as well as other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.

Commitment to compliance with legal requirements, other requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality and Environment Management System

TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS undertakes to comply with product requirements, as well as legislation, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of its system and activities regarding the environment.

TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS is based on its organisation, which contemplates the said policy and general lines of action, seeking the commitment of all its employees to the service quality provided to customers and to the sustainable use of resources.

This Quality and Environment Policy will be the reference framework for developing coherent objectives and goals that can be measured and which are established in the functions and at the corresponding levels at TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS. The said objectives focus particularly on reducing waste and resource consumption, as well as the continuous improvement of the customer satisfaction process, in compliance with legislation and the prevention of pollution
The management at TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS assumes the commitment to implement this policy and has established a quality and environment management system in compliance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 standards.