Company policy


TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS dedicated to the provision of general merchandise transportation services by national and international road and to the transportation agency service, seeks to provide services that satisfy the needs of our clients, meeting the requirements that they specify to us, as well as the legal requirements. and any other type of requirements that apply to us and always under the commitment to environmental protection, including pollution prevention and other specific requirements pertinent to the context of the organization.

This Quality, Environment and Product Safety Policy seeks to be achieved through the following general lines of action:


Full Integration of employees

TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS aims for its employees to carry out their work fully involved in the activities carried out and in the achievement of the objectives set within the Organization. Likewise, Management will ensure the prevention of occupational risks, non-discrimination and the dignified and fair treatment of its employees.


Commitment to quality of service (satisfaction guarantee)

TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS aims to ensure that the services that are delivered to its Clients are in accordance with the specified requirements.


Quality of work

Through the rapid detection of defects and taking the necessary measures to alleviate their consequences and avoid their repetition, and the establishment of actions and programs aimed at preventing non-conformities, and environmental incidents/accidents.


Establish beneficial relationships with our suppliers

Likewise, the Quality, Environment and Product Safety Policy of TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS contemplates the choice of the most appropriate suppliers at all times, seeking with them the most beneficial relationship possible that allows providing services with the required quality and taking into account pollution prevention and compliance with environmental regulations, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes to.


Commitment to compliance with legal requirements, other requirements and to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality, Environment and Product Safety Management System

TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS is committed to meeting product requirements, as well as legal and other requirements and to continuously improve system effectiveness and behavior towards the environment.

TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS is committed to promoting the food safety and security culture plan among workers.

TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS relies on its Organization, to which it transmits this policy and general lines of action, seeking the commitment of all employees to the quality of the service provided to its Clients and to the sustainable use of resources.

This Quality, Environment and Product Safety Policy will be the framework of reference for the development of the Objectives and Goals consistent with it and measurable, which are established in the relevant functions and levels of TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS. These objectives will focus especially on the reduction of waste and resource consumption, as well as the continuous improvement of the process focused on customer satisfaction, compliance with legislation and pollution prevention.

The Management of TRANSPORTES LAS MARAVILLAS assumes the commitment to carry out this policy, establishing a Quality, Environment and Product Safety Management System in accordance with UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO standards. 14001, IFS LOGISTIC and GDP STANDARD.